Katalox is an exotic wood that is native to Central America. It has exceptional strength properties, and is among the very stiffest and strongest woods available worldwide. Its dark color makes it a popular substitute for ebony and the wood is sometimes called Mexican Royal Ebony, though it is not a true ebony.

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Katalox: 5.0"x1.4"x1.3" (126x36x32mm) KT2788
Clean, solid and ready to be worked. Cut for a wa handle, not stabilized.
Katalox: 5.0"x1.4"x1.4" (126x36x36mm) KT2778
Straight grained and figured. There is a check on one face about an inch long and 1/8" deep. Priced accordingly.
Katalox: 5.0"x1.5"x1.3" (126x37x32mm) KT2758
Fine figure and very clean. A natural hardwood cut for a wa handle.
Katalox: 5.0"x1.5"x1.4" (126x38x37mm) KT2738
Very clean, solid blank, ready to be worked. A natural hardwood that does not need to be stabilized.
Katalox: 5.0"x1.5"x1.4" (127x39x36mm) KT2718
Strong grain and figure and a very clean piece. Cut for a wa handle. Not stabilized.