Leopardwood has a very conspicuous flecking that gives this wood its namesake. The wood itself is a medium to dark reddish brown with light brown rays, which resemble the spots of a leopard.

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Stabilized Leopardwood: 5.2"x1.8"x1.6" (133x45x40mm) LW1
Cut for a wa handle, this is a very clean piece that prominently displays the strong characteristic figure of this species; the leopard's spots.
Stabilized Leopardwood: 5.3"x1.8"x1.6" (135x44x40mm) LW2
Great big leopard "spots " on a very clean piece. Generously cut for a wa handle.
Stabilized Leopardwood: 5.5"x1.7"x1.5 (134x44x36mm) LW1534
Cut for a wa handle. I put a 1/8" chamfer on one edge to sand away a rough edging. Nice uniform, tightly spaced "spots" on this one.
Stabilized Leopardwood: 5.5"x1.7"x1.5 (134x44x37mm) LW1514
Cut for a wa handle. Clean, solid with the leopardlike figure this specis is known for.
Stabilized Leopardwood: 5.5"x1.7"x1.5 (134x44x37mm) LW1524
A variety of sized spot-like figure. Clean, solid and ready to go.