Black Mesquite

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Stabilized Black Mesquite: 4.9"x2.0"x1.5" (125x50x37mm) BM10444
If you like them chucky check this one out. Wa or western, your choice. Interesting figure with one very small knot.
Stabilized Black Mesquite: 5.1"x1.6"x0.9" (130x42x23mm) BM10414
Cut for a ho handle this is a beautiful blank with no flaws and great BM figure. Clean as a whistle.
Stabilized Black Mesquite: 5.1"x1.9"x1.0" (129x48x24mm) BM10479
A couple of voids along a shallow check. Otherwise very consistent figure. Priced accordingly.
Stabilized Black Mesquite: 5.1"x1.9"x1.0" (129x49x22mm) BM10499
Some small surface knots add some depth to this piece. Cut for a western handle.
Stabilized Black Mesquite: 5.1"x1.9"x1.0" (129x49x25mm) BM10449
Cut for a western handle, this block is very clean with the exception of a partial knot at one end. Nice contrast with one side having a bi-color look.
Stabilized Black Mesquite: 5.9"x1.9"x1.5" (149x48x37mm) BM10434
A very generous sized blank with great radiating figure. Could be used for either wa or ho handle.