Spalted Bradford Pear

Amazing random figure on these blanks and they are on the heavy side.

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Stabilized Spalted Bradford Pear: 5.8"x1.7"x0.9" (147x44x24mm) SBP6438
The figure on these blocks reminds me of spalted blackline maple, but is different and very unique. There are five very shallow voids on one face of this piece.
Stabilized Spalted Bradford Pear: 5.9"x1.4"x1.4" (149x36x35mm) SBP6448
Cut for a wa handle. If you're looking for a uniqe blank to finish off a unique blade look no further. Hard to describe the figure on this piece, you need to see it in the pictures. Even better, hold it in your hands.
Stabilized Spalted Bradford Pear: 5.9"x1.5"x1.3" (151x39x34mm) SBP6488
Real nice figure, but a bit below the others in wow factor. There's also a bit a rough edge at one corner, but this should not be a factor.
Stabilized Spalted Bradford Pear: 5.9"x1.7"x0.8" (149x43x20mm) SBP6418
Cut for a western handle, this block has amazing figure that you just don't find anywhere else. Very unique for the special blade.
Stabilized Spalted Bradford Pear: 6.0"x1.6"x1.4" (152x40x35mm) SBP6468
If you're looking for a beautiful unique blank for a very special blade this is it. The figure on this is hard to describe, but easy to look at.