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Malaysian Blackwood: 5.4"x1.9"x1.0" (137x49x25mm) MBW2567
Light and dark brown contrast in a horizontal presentation. Minor, shallow checks on one short side. Not stabilized. Please note that this piece is cross cut and as such may present additional challenges in shaping and in long term structural integrity.
Stabilized Black Mesquite: 5.1"x1.9"x1.0" (129x48x24mm) BM10479
A couple of voids along a shallow check. Otherwise very consistent figure. Priced accordingly.
Stabilized Black Mesquite: 5.1"x1.9"x1.0" (129x49x22mm) BM10499
Some small surface knots add some depth to this piece. Cut for a western handle.
Stabilized Black Mesquite: 5.1"x1.9"x1.0" (129x49x25mm) BM10449
Cut for a western handle, this block is very clean with the exception of a partial knot at one end. Nice contrast with one side having a bi-color look.
Really special figure that's primarily horizontal, but interlaced. Photos don't do it justice. Very cool.