Here are some links to references that might be of interest to you: is an encyclopedia of information on many species of wood. Listed alphabetically, this site provide a listing of many woods' physical properties as well as various articles that delve into specific species and woodworking. provides generic information about how wood is structured, wood working tools, projects and workshop techniques. There is also a forum on all aspects of woodworking. is, in my opionion, one of the best forums there is for discussions and information on all aspects of kitchen knifes. From tip to heel, this forum covers everything about knife making, design, use and associated topics. Its membership includes many knife makers and front line chefs who are willing to share their extensive experience in the kitchen and of kitchen knives and their performance. is the web site of Andrei "Marko" Tsourkan, a premier American custom kitchen knife maker. Highly respected in his field, Mr. Tsourkan continually seeks to improve his knives in the areas of steel selection, heat treatment and grinding techniques. If you are looking for a kitchen knife that will stand the rigors of a professional kitchen while being aesthically beautiful please check his site out. is the latest on-line forum that specializes in kitchen knives. If there's anything you ever wanted to know about the use, care or construction of kitchen knives and related products, this is place to visit and even better, become a member.