If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your purchase simply return it for a full cash refund or store credit of your purchase price. Please note that shipping costs are not refundable and that all pieces must be returned within seven days from the time you receive your package and be in the condition you received it. Any modification to a piece will nullify this guarantee and all sales will be deemed final after seven days. Also be advised that any returns of "Volume Discount" items will trigger a recalculation of the total payment, which may reduce the amount of the discount and your refund accordingly. The processing of your refund will be expedited if you have registered with the store and your account information is on file, usually within one business day. Please include your name and a note explaining the reason for the return. The mailing address is: Myron Ronis, 330 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075. Problems that occur after seven days will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Just contact us at service@dreamburls.com and we will try to work something out. At Dream Burls your satisfaction is our top priority.


Payment can only be made with PayPal or through PayPal using major credit cards. Just follow the directions at Checkout. Dream Burls does not accept check, money orders or COD at this time. Taxes will be applied to orders shipped within New York State at then current rates.


Shipping charges are the actual USPS rate, period. We will combine shipping on as many items as possible. A small flat rate box can usually take between three and five pieces, depending on their size. If you want your item faster or insured, just let us know with your order and we will charge you whatever it costs to meet your requirements. All items will be shipped within three business days of confirmation of payment on your order and you will receive an email from Paypal which contains the tracking number of your package.


Pieces are sold as is and we try to describe each piece as accurately as possible, including the mention of any defect no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential. Our photographs are an integral part of the description and provide a view of all sides so you can see the entire block. Dimensions provided are accurate to within one tenth of an inch. Please note that burled woods sometimes contain naturally occuring voids and/or inclusion that may not be detectable on their surfaces and Dream Burls cannot be held accountable for any such occurrence(s).


Each piece, other than natural hardwoods, is stabilized by Knife and Gun Finishing Supplies (K&G) of Arizona. Subsequently, each piece is machine sanded, first at 30 grit, then 80, then 150, then at 220 grit.  A sealer finish is then applied by hand to the entire piece, which can then get a light 0000 steel wool hand buffing. This process not only protects the piece, but also brings out its figure so you can better envision what the finished handle will look like. All blanks are dry to at least 10% MC as measured on my Wagner MMC 220 moisture reader.


At this time I do not offer scales exept when ordered at least one month in advance.